Wildlife Monitoring in the Municipality of Kostrena (UAV)

Wild boars have been a significant problem for the Municipality of Kostrena, a coastal town in Croatia, as they cause extensive damage to properties and pose a security threat to local residents. To tackle the issue, the Municipality decided to undertake a survey using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with thermal imaging cameras

The aim of this survey was to detect the presence of wild boars and other animals in the area.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect the heat signatures of animals, making it easier to locate them even in low light conditions.

The survey consisted of 62 night-time drone flights at a height of 70 to 100 metres.

Wildlife Monitoring: Valuable Information

The drone flights covered a large area and identified the exact location of animal populations, their behaviour, and their migration paths.

The information obtained from the drone flights was used to develop a long-term strategy for managing the population of wild boars and other game in the Municipality.

The survey provided valuable information on the animal’s behaviour and migration patterns, which allowed for the identification of the specific areas where the animals live and their migration routes.

Recording and monitoring wild animals with UAVs can be a valuable tool for wildlife management, especially in areas where human-wildlife conflicts are a persistent issue.

One of the advantages of using drones for wildlife monitoring is that they can cover large areas quickly and efficiently.

Drones can also reach areas that are difficult to access on foot or by vehicle, providing a more comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground.

However, it is essential to use drones responsibly and ethically to minimize any negative impacts on wildlife and people.

The survey undertaken in Kostrena is an excellent example of how drone technology can be used to manage wildlife populations and reduce human-wildlife conflicts.

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