UAV Photogrammetry for Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Road Network

Creating accurate orthophotos through UAV photogrammetry requires a precise and meticulous approach to data collection and processing.

This was a project that required the creation of aerial photographs of selected locations, covering an area of nearly 3,600 km2.

The project was completed in an exceptionally short period of time, and a detailed action plan was essential for its success.

To achieve the desired level of resolution for measurement, it was necessary to take multiple simultaneous drone flights by different drone operators at various locations.

This approach helped to cover a large area in a short period of time while ensuring that the quality of the data collected was sufficient for analysis.

The project was carried out in collaboration with partner company 4D monitoring d.o.o., and daily activities were coordinated entirely in the cloud.

UAV Photogrammetry: detailed maps and 3D models

The project was part of a larger road corridor analysis project, which required accurate and up-to-date information about the conditions of the roads and their surroundings.

The collected data was used to generate detailed maps and 3D models of the area, which were later analyzed to identify potential hazards and plan improvements.

This type of analysis is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of the road network and providing better services to the public.

The success of the project depended on several factors, including the quality of the drones, the expertise of the operators, and the accuracy of the data processing.

It was crucial to ensure that the drones used for the project were equipped with high-quality cameras, GPS, and other sensors to capture precise and accurate data.

The operators needed to be skilled in piloting the drones, selecting the right camera settings, and capturing the required data within a short period of time.

Post-processing was also a critical step, which involved processing the raw data to generate high-quality aerial photographs and 3D models.

The processed data was then analyzed and interpreted by experts to identify potential issues.

The project’s success was a result of careful planning, efficient execution, and collaboration between different partners.

The collected data provided valuable insights into the conditions of the roads and their surroundings.