Unlocking The Potential of San Pelagio Port With Digital Twin Technology (ROV, UAV)

This digital win is designed to make port management and maintenance more efficient, and to provide a comprehensive view of the port’s condition over time. The digital twin is a complete replica of the port, with every detail accurately captured, both on land and underwater. To create this model, auto-navigators or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) […]

Photogrammetric Imaging for 3D Asset Model: Biograd Port (ROV, UAV)

Fotogrametrijsko snimanje

After 40 years of use, the port had reached the end of its life cycle, and it was essential to assess its current condition to plan for future interventions. To accurately understand the real situation on the ground, the client needed an efficient and comprehensive approach to data collection. Photogrammetric Imaging for 3D Asset Model: […]