Creating a Digital Twin of the Pier in Vela Luka

In partnership with Ovalis Nova d.o.o., Vectrino conducted a project to create a digital twin of a section of the ferry pier in the port of Vela Luka. Utilizing advanced technology such as remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), drones, and pole cameras, our team meticulously surveyed and analyzed the surface of the pier, spanning 791 […]

Creating a Digital Twin of Gat Karolina Riječka using ROV and UAV

digitalni blizanac gata karolina riječka

Creating a digital twin of Gat Karolina Riječka using ROV and UAV allows for remote monitoring and maintenance, enabling engineers and maintenance teams to detect potential issues and plan for repairs. The digital twin of “Gat Karolina Riječka” is a 3D model that accurately depicts the structure of the building and its surrounding environment, both […]

Unlocking The Potential of San Pelagio Port With Digital Twin Technology (ROV, UAV)

This digital win is designed to make port management and maintenance more efficient, and to provide a comprehensive view of the port’s condition over time. The digital twin is a complete replica of the port, with every detail accurately captured, both on land and underwater. To create this model, auto-navigators or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) […]