Underwater Imaging and 3D Modeling of Biograd Marina (ROV, UAV)

Underwater surveying, data collection, and 3D modeling were recently carried out for the Zadar County Port Authority in the southeastern part of the Biograd marina.

The goal of capturing underwater images and creating a 3D model of the marina is to gain a better understanding of the property’s condition and facilitate the planning of its reconstruction.

The underwater photogrammetry covered a total length of 446 m, consisting of concrete elements placed on the fortifications of different cross-sections and dimensions with a depth of up to approximately 2 m.

This was crucial for a proper understanding of the structure and condition of the sea piers.

To provide a better overview of the area, the team used drones for aerial photography.

This approach made it possible to create a georeferenced orthophoto and a digital twin of the area above the sea, enabling better visualization and interpretation of the data.

The digital twin above the sea provides a better overview and helps in making decisions about further steps in planning the reconstruction.

To obtain precise data under the sea, stick cameras and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) were used.

Each asset under the sea is included in a complete 3D display with georeferences, enabling a detailed insight into the condition of the underwater building structures and the possibilities for their restoration and maintenance.

The accurate data on the condition of assets will help in making decisions about future steps and ensure the preservation and improvement of existing infrastructure.

This project showcases the importance of utilizing modern technology and methods to gather data for infrastructure maintenance and improvement.

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