Imagine an incredible Undersea asset management Experience

With our entirely new feature-rich technology, inspect every centimeter of a built structure or object surface to minutest detail. All you need is a device with a screen.

The previously resource-heavy undersea inspections are a thing of the past.

Now your undersea assets can be displayed crystal clear on a screen, without deformities or curvature.

Our proprietary and entirely new precise 3D mapping and modelling concept generates a so-called digital twin of your undersea assets.
This original method is a breakthrough in inspection and supervision quality, facilitating efficient and high-quality asset management.

Developed over three years, our unique data capture and processing method is the world’s first to offer undersea asset management solutions.

Applicable in shallow coastal marine waters, this technology pioneers full-detail 3D rendering of up to 600-meter-long walls at up to 12-meter depth.

Our technology is currently the world’s most measurable, precise, and cost-effective way to record and analyze large undersea surfaces.

For ports and container terminals situated on 40% of the world’s seas, this solution brings a seismic shift in undersea asset management quality.

The digital twin generated using our technology is an exact virtual copy of physical objects, providing you with a clear picture of the changes taking place on your undersea assets.

Digital twins generated through our method are georeferenced, measurable, and timeslider-ready.

The 3D model accuracy in most cases is below 2 cm.
With its data overlapping capability, the technology enables the monitoring of structural changes under water over time.

Monitoring and planning from the office is made possible through a screen from which every centimeter of your 3D-modelled surface can be inspected. The 3D model viewer supports multiple-user viewing, commenting, and planning. The water surrounding the object is “dried out”, allowing a clear view of cracks or changes.

Reducing costs, improving efficiency, and boosting safety

Inspection and mapping speed

1 on-site technician can process up to 6,000 m2 per day
(600 m length by 10 m depth) without deformities or curvature

Maintenance and supervision:

quick detection of damage, cracks, deterioration, and unforeseen incidents


assessment of rehabilitation, maintenance, construction, and other materials cost


asset monitoring over time

Looking to license this product?

Our experts will guide you through the entire licensing process, including:

  • sales and marketing strategy (as well as full licensee access to undersea digital twin database),
  • supply of dedicated inspection and mapping equipment (dual camera system with dual INU, RTK GPS, and datalogger), personnel training, manuals, raw data processing (including undersea digital twin calibration, analysis, and generation),
  • all product upgrades and refreshes.

We will support you through every step of the project and train you to process-manage and make the most of our method and technology.

If you would like to explore this unique licensing opportunity and pioneer this technology on your market, contact us!

Reliable, repeatable and regular inspections

Licensing STEP-BY-STEP

License application form

Introductory call and meeting

Financial modelling with our support

Licensing agreement

Supply of equipment to licensee and detailed usage instructions

Training program: know-how transfer

Data collection support

Data processing

Model review by parameters prior to supply to employer

5-Year continuous support

Licensing COST

One-time fee payable upon signing of a 5-year licensing agreement.

What do we provide?

  • specific market exclusivity
  • sales/marketing support (full licensee access to undersea digital twin database)
  • dedicated equipment (double camera system with double INU, RTK GPS and datalogger)
  • process and procedure manuals
  • on-site licensee training
  • raw data processing (including undersea digital twin calibration, analysis, and generation)
  • know-how at all levels
  • periodic operational check and refresh (product upgrades)

What do you provide?

  • minimum data collection area (over 5 years): 100,000 m2 (min. 20,000 m2/year)
  • local regulations management
  • data collection logistics management
  • marketing and sales efforts lead

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