Creating a Digital Twin of the Pier in Vela Luka

In the context of the ongoing need for improving underwater infrastructure, research and analysis are key steps to ensuring safety, functionality, and sustainability.

In partnership with Ovalis Nova d.o.o., Vectrino conducted a project to create a digital twin of a section of the ferry pier in the port of Vela Luka.

Utilizing advanced technology such as remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), drones, and pole cameras, our team meticulously surveyed and analyzed the surface of the pier, spanning 791 square meters.

Precise Documentation and Analysis

Every expansion joint, crack, and condition of the pier was meticulously documented to create a three-dimensional digital model.

All collected data was georeferenced to ensure accuracy and clarity of the model.

Improving Maintenance and Safety

The digital twin enables Ovalis Nova d.o.o. to better understand the condition of the pier and identify potential issues before they become serious.

Based on this information, precise maintenance interventions can be planned, ensuring that necessary work is carried out on time and at minimal cost.

Furthermore, this detailed documentation allows for better planning of future infrastructure projects, contributing to the long-term sustainability and functionality of the port.

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