Enhancing Tourist Ports: A Comprehensive Overview of Construction Infrastructure

Zadar County Port Authority has engaged our company to conduct a detailed review of the existing piers in the shallow waters of Telaščica for the purpose of constructing a tourist port.

Improving tourist ports is a key element in the development of the tourism industry, and our company provides a comprehensive review of the construction infrastructure to ensure clients have an accurate understanding of the condition of their assets.

With the growing number of tourists, the current capacity of the piers is insufficient to accommodate all the boats arriving at this magnificent natural park.

Therefore, it was necessary to design new piers to ensure sufficient infrastructure for tourist vessels.

The realization of this complex task required special attention due to the shallow water and the influence of underwater light, resulting in the appearance of striped patterns.

These visual effects pose a challenge to the quality of captured footage.

However, we have successfully overcome these obstacles thanks to the expertise of our professional team and advanced technology.

Our team carefully inspected the existing piers, utilizing high-quality underwater recording equipment.

Every detail was meticulously documented to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the infrastructure’s condition.

We have successfully created a detailed digital twin of the surveyed area for our client, Zadar County Port Authority.

This digital twin allows the client to thoroughly examine the facility at any time, on any device.

It also provides relevant information necessary for making informed decisions about the design.

With the aid of this tool, the client will be able to assess the required material resources and effectively plan the construction of new piers.

Our successful review of the piers in Telaščica has provided the client with reliable insights into the current state of the infrastructure and enabled informed decision-making.

We will continue to deliver high-quality services and support to contribute to the development of tourist ports and enhance the visitor experience in this magnificent natural park.