“Drone Hero Europe 2017”: Mosquito control with drones (UAV)

Rijeka’s Dezinsekcija decided to take advantage of innovative technologies and step into the future to find the best solution to larvicide-based mosquito control. The efforts in this project were recognised with the prestigious “Drone Hero Europe” award in Brussels at the largest drone business technology conference.

In recent year, mosquitoes have been posing an increasing health risk as their vector potential is rising and the number of mosquito-borne diseases is increasing. Legal regulations thus regulate their systematic control. To date, conventional mosquito control methods have had numerous shortcomings, such as the non-selective use of insecticides, the  influence of vegetation and weather conditions on outcomes, the inability to treat inaccessible areas, etc.

Vectrino received the “Drone Hero Europe 2017” award at the largest European business technology conference on the use of drones, UAV Expo Europe, for its innovative drone-based mosquito control method developed for Rijeka’s Dezinsekcija. The jury recognised Vectrino as a bearer of global change thanks to its concept, which satisfies the real needs of society and can significantly contribute to preventing deadly mosquito-borne diseases.

This method allows the use of drones to quickly and thoroughly inspect various areas, including those that are difficult to access. Using near infrared (NIR) cameras, the software detects all water surfaces and automatically directs the drone to drop a specific amount of mosquito larvicide.

The process can be fully automated, the system can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet, and all data remains stored in the cloud. Vectrino also used its own 3D printer to develop a prototype drone accessory used to drop larvicide tablets.