Digital Model of Tkon Ferry Port

The construction of the ferry port in Tkon marks the inaugural project among a total of 28 initiatives aimed at enhancing port infrastructure in Croatia, all funded by non-repayable grants from the European Union.

Vectrino, in partnership with the Zadar County Port Authority, conducted a research project to survey and analyze the ferry port in Tkon Harbor, on the island of Pašman.

Port Construction Project

The project to modernize the ferry port in Tkon Harbor represents a significant step towards creating modern and secure port infrastructure.

This new harbor, funded by European funds totaling 32 million kuna, is the first project of its kind in Croatia.

By renovating the port, its capacity has been increased, the quality of the berths improved, and the safety of ferry transportation ensured.

It is expected that the harbor’s modernization will boost tourism, enhance connectivity between the island of Pašman and the mainland, and contribute to the economic and social development of the region.

Survey Methodology

We utilized cutting-edge technology, including drones for aerial surveys and underwater cameras and remotely operated vehicles for exploring the underwater sections of the harbor.

All collected data was carefully processed to create an accurate digital model of the port.

The digital model provides a clear picture of the ferry port’s condition, enabling the Zadar County Port Authority to plan necessary maintenance work.

This project will facilitate better infrastructure management and enhance the port’s safety.

Improved management and maintenance of the ferry port will have a positive impact on the local community.

It is anticipated that this will stimulate tourism and economic growth on the island of Pašman, creating new opportunities for local residents.

The digital model of the Tkon ferry port represents a significant advancement in understanding and managing port infrastructure.


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