Digital Model and Detailed Analysis of “Istarska Riva” Pier

Istarska Riva, located in Zadar, has experienced the occurrence of cracks on its pier, indicating underlying issues caused by wave impact and dynamic forces from the surrounding environment.

The digital model and detailed analysis of “Istarska Riva” pier provide a comprehensive insight into the current state of the infrastructure, enabling Zadar Port Authority to identify priority areas for repair and long-term maintenance.

In order to provide our client, Zadar Port Authority, with a comprehensive understanding of the extent and specificity of the damages, our expert team conducted thorough research of the entire pier, with a particular focus on the underwater area.

For this project, we decided to take a different approach from the standard use of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), which were not required in this case.

Instead, we relied solely on our internally developed underwater data collection system.

By combining innovative surveying techniques and meticulous analysis, we successfully created a digital model of the pier, allowing for precise and detailed examination of all damages.

Primary goal: to provide the client with a clear overview of the various levels of damage, including their specific characteristics

These key insights enable Zadar Port Authority to make informed decisions regarding the necessary repair measures.

The collected data also serves as a foundation for future maintenance strategies, ensuring the long-term safety and functionality of the pier.

During the careful surveying of the pier, our team paid great attention to detail to ensure the high quality of the collected information.

By combining advanced surveying and analysis techniques, we empowered the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of their asset and identify priority areas for repair and maintenance.

“Istarska Riva” can now boast a modern digital model that provides a clear visualization of the pier’s condition.

The use of this advanced technology not only enhances the management of port infrastructure but also ensures its long-term safety and functionality.

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