Digital Twin of Rab Port: Precise Underwater Infrastructure Survey for Informed Rehabilitation Decisions

A private company responsible for rehabilitating Rab Port recognized the importance of accurately surveying the underwater infrastructure before commencing any construction work.

Digital twin of Rab port provides the client with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the facility, assisting in making informed decisions throughout the rehabilitation process.

The survey was conducted with meticulous attention to detail, aiming for high accuracy below two centimeters.

Through careful planning and utilizing advanced equipment, an expert team successfully captured a 500-meter long and six-meter deep section of the underwater surface in Rab Port.

As a result, a complete digital twin of the surveyed area was created.

This precise 3D model allows the client to examine the facility in great detail at any given time, on any device.

Consequently, they can make informed decisions regarding the necessary quantities of materials for rehabilitation and promptly respond to any issues or damages that may arise.

The digital twin of Rab Port provides the client with a comprehensive insight into the condition of the underwater infrastructure

Every detail, from minor damages to the overall structure, is clearly visible.

This technology enables the client to virtually navigate through the facility and thoroughly inspect each segment.

Furthermore, the client can access the digital twin from anywhere, using any device, providing convenience and flexibility in data review and analysis.

This ensures they are constantly informed about the current condition and can swiftly address any challenges that may arise during the rehabilitation process.

The digital twin of Rab Port offers the client not only a visual representation of the underwater infrastructure but also a foundation for fact-based decision-making.

The accuracy of the captured data allows for identifying priorities and optimizing the rehabilitation process.

Through this innovative approach, the private company ensures that rehabilitation works at Rab Port are based on accurate information and conducted in an efficient manner.

The digital twin provides them with confidence and reliability in planning and executing the works, ensuring long-term sustainability and functionality of the port.

Total surveyed area underwater: 500 meters in length and 6 meters in depth.