Cruise Ship Pier Assessment and Analysis in Šibenik

Port Authority Šibenik has engaged our company to conduct an assessment of the existing cruise ship pier in Šibenik.

Cruise ship pier assessment and analysis in Šibenik revealed visible damages on the above-water section of the pier.

In order to determine if the damages are also present underwater and if they are affecting the submerged portion of the pier, a detailed analysis was required.

The pier has a total length of 200 meters and a depth of up to 12 meters. To ensure accurate data collection and underwater surveying, our expert team conducted precise underwater data acquisition.

By combining innovative recording techniques and thorough analysis, we were able to create a digital model of the pier that accurately represents its underwater condition in a realistic and easily comprehensible manner.

This approach allowed us to georeference and measure all damages on the pier.

The digital twin provides a comprehensive overview, enabling the client to clearly visualize each damage on the underwater section of the pier.

Additionally, the client can easily identify priority areas for repair and maintenance.

There are multiple benefits for the client in terms of property maintenance and planning.

The precise data collection enables the Port Authority Šibenik to make informed decisions regarding property upkeep.

By identifying damages on the underwater section of the pier, the client can plan necessary measures for repair and long-term maintenance of the infrastructure.

The digital twin of the pier provides a clear visualization of the underwater condition, facilitating the client’s understanding of the extent of damages and appropriate actions to be taken.

All damages are georeferenced and measurable, allowing for precise planning and execution of repair works.

This comprehensive assessment of the pier’s condition helps the client ensure long-term safety and functionality of their port infrastructure.

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