Creating a Digital Twin of the Pier in Vela Luka

In partnership with Ovalis Nova d.o.o., Vectrino conducted a project to create a digital twin of a section of the ferry pier in the port of Vela Luka. Utilizing advanced technology such as remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), drones, and pole cameras, our team meticulously surveyed and analyzed the surface of the pier, spanning 791 […]

Digital Model of Tkon Ferry Port

Vectrino, in partnership with the Zadar County Port Authority, conducted a research project to survey and analyze the ferry port in Tkon Harbor, on the island of Pašman. Port Construction Project The project to modernize the ferry port in Tkon Harbor represents a significant step towards creating modern and secure port infrastructure. This new harbor, […]

Cruise Ship Pier Assessment and Analysis in Šibenik

Cruise ship pier assessment and analysis in Šibenik revealed visible damages on the above-water section of the pier. In order to determine if the damages are also present underwater and if they are affecting the submerged portion of the pier, a detailed analysis was required. The pier has a total length of 200 meters and […]

Drones in the Supervision of Wastewater Treatment Facility Construction in Rovinj

Drones in the supervision of wastewater treatment facility construction bring a new dimension to monitoring and managing project processes. This innovative approach involved bi-weekly aerial surveys with the aim of creating precise georeferenced 3D models, known as digital twins. The creation of a digital terrain model enabled the client to track excavation quantities on the […]

Digital Model and Detailed Analysis of “Istarska Riva” Pier

The digital model and detailed analysis of “Istarska Riva” pier provide a comprehensive insight into the current state of the infrastructure, enabling Zadar Port Authority to identify priority areas for repair and long-term maintenance. In order to provide our client, Zadar Port Authority, with a comprehensive understanding of the extent and specificity of the damages, […]

Enhancing Tourist Ports: A Comprehensive Overview of Construction Infrastructure

Improving tourist ports is a key element in the development of the tourism industry, and our company provides a comprehensive review of the construction infrastructure to ensure clients have an accurate understanding of the condition of their assets. With the growing number of tourists, the current capacity of the piers is insufficient to accommodate all […]

Digital Twin of Rab Port: Precise Underwater Infrastructure Survey for Informed Rehabilitation Decisions

Digital twin of Rab port provides the client with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the facility, assisting in making informed decisions throughout the rehabilitation process. The survey was conducted with meticulous attention to detail, aiming for high accuracy below two centimeters. Through careful planning and utilizing advanced equipment, an expert team successfully captured a […]

Underwater Imaging and 3D Modeling of Biograd Marina (ROV, UAV)

The goal of capturing underwater images and creating a 3D model of the marina is to gain a better understanding of the property’s condition and facilitate the planning of its reconstruction. The underwater photogrammetry covered a total length of 446 m, consisting of concrete elements placed on the fortifications of different cross-sections and dimensions with […]

Creating a Digital Twin of Gat Karolina Riječka using ROV and UAV

digitalni blizanac gata karolina riječka

Creating a digital twin of Gat Karolina Riječka using ROV and UAV allows for remote monitoring and maintenance, enabling engineers and maintenance teams to detect potential issues and plan for repairs. The digital twin of “Gat Karolina Riječka” is a 3D model that accurately depicts the structure of the building and its surrounding environment, both […]

De Francesci Pier’s Digital Twin Created with ROV and UAV Technology

3D model gata De Franceschi

The creation of a digital twin of the De Francesci pier using ROV and UAV technology has resulted in an accurate 3D model of the pier’s structure and surface under the sea. The total area of the pier that needed to be recorded was 3,396.46 square meters, and it took a total of 8 hours […]