About us

Recording various types of structures underwater and from the air


Vectrino offers services and solutions for property owners and managers. We understand all the challenges property managers face: inaccessible terrain, low-resolution video and photo documentation, difficulties with monitoring status over time, etc.


A simple methodology: a realistic portrayal of the current state


That’s why we have developed a unique methodology for coastal shallow water areas that makes it significantly easier to manage underwater property, as it enables a realistic portrayal of the current state at any time.


Our technology, experience, and knowledge allows you to reduce both inspection costs and the possibility of unforeseen damage.


High-resolution images


To efficiently manage and supervise property, it is vital to have high-quality images on which damage is clearly, correctly located and visible.

Simple supervision, management, and planning


Recording, analysis, and data processing are tailored to each project and client, regardless of whether the task involves a port, harbour, quay wall, cables, nearshore outfall, etc.


On the final “digital twin”, the water surrounding the underwater structure is “drained”, making it easier to supervise and plan from the office.


Examples and experiences


For recording or consulting services, contact our team.

The inquiries we most commonly receive are for bathymetry, the recording of nearshore outfalls, piping, or cables, the creation of 3D models out of recordings, geolocating damage, and thermal imaging. We will be happy to share all our experiences and examples with you. Feel free to contact us!