3D Model of Ferry Port Preko For Precise Asset Management (ROV, UAV)

The Preko ferry port in the Republic of Croatia is one of the busiest ports in the country.

Over the years, the port has undergone several reconstructions, but unfortunately, the reconstructions were not adequately recorded.

This lack of information led to the creation of a 3D model of the port, which would help record the changes made to the port over time and the impact of the changes on the port’s infrastructure.

To create this 3D model, data (photos and videos) were collected using automatically navigated submarines (ROVs) and an internally developed carbon rod with a pair of cameras and a dual INU unit that also supports RTK positioning.

The recording was done in conditions of increased turbidity to cover the entire port, wharf, concrete structures, and concrete slabs.

Furthermore, the collected data was integrated with the UAV 3D model and MBES data (multibeam), and the sea was digitally drained in the final representation.

The 3D model of the port has a depth of up to 10 meters at the top of the jetty, and it allows the Zadar County Port Authority, the client in this project, to have all the details and events under the sea and monitor changes over time.

This makes it easier for the authority to plan renovations and prepare asset maintenance plans.

All stakeholders can access the model easily and check it from all angles, and it is possible to exchange information within the system.

Moreover, all observations can be precisely measured and projected according to the real situation on the ground.

Creating digital, 3D asset models, also known as digital twins, is becoming increasingly popular.

Other examples of creating digital twins for infrastructure assets can be found among the company’s other selected projects.

In conclusion, the creation of a 3D model of the Preko ferry port is a significant step towards ensuring better planning and maintenance of the port’s infrastructure.

This 3D model provides an accurate and reliable representation of the port, which will enable the Zadar County Port Authority to make informed decisions about the port’s future development.