Data collection at the highest level of accuracy

Safe, quick, efficient survey and supervision of structures both under water and from the air

Diving to a depth of up to 300m

High-resolution images

Automatic detection of condition and damage

Simple overview and analysis of collected data

Our clients own property at difficult to access locations and in inaccessible environments. Naš je posao da za njih pronađemo najbolja rješenja i prebacimo stvarno stanje s terena u digitalni oblik.

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Ako vam je potreban realan prikaz stanja imovine u svakom trenutku, ono što vas najviše zanima je ušteda vremena, mogućnost višestrukog ponavljanja inspekcije, napredak u kvaliteti snimki i njihov jednostavan i lak pregled.

To je ono čime se bavimo i za što smo razvili kompletnu metodologiju.

Experiences and consultations

In addition to inquiries for field work and complete inspections, we also provide advisory, consulting, and knowledge transfer services.

We will demonstrate examples that we adjust to suit each client and help you establish your own model.


After our inspections, easily assess what to do with your property in order to manage and use it as well as possible.

Save time, minimise risk, adjust the inspection process
to suit yourself and your needs.